Air Conditioning

Global warming is the current buzz word and with it will come an increase in air conditioning. The summer of 2016 saw a sustained heat wave and an increase in the sales of air conditioning systems. Retail outlets with air conditioning find that their sales increase because their customers have a more pleasant shopping experience.

Employers who have offices with lots of staff and computers all generating heat are installing air conditioning to improve the work environment and the output of their staff.

Apart from the cooling effect of air conditioning, it is also the cheapest form of heating. It takes 1 kilowatt of power to generate 4 kilowatts of heating. This means that with the right air conditioning system for your particular situation, you can now have steady state conditions all year round.

If you are considering heating a room, or a new extension, it may be more economic in the long term to install air conditioning rather than extend your existing central heating system. Apart from the heating aspect the air conditioning will also give you the benefit of cooling in the summer.

Many people are adding a conservatory to their home to give them an extra room. Often they find that the conservatory is too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter so they can only enjoy their conservatory in the spring and autumn when the weather is temperate. Some people install a fan in their conservatory for cooling in the summer and a heater for warmth in the winter but an air conditioning system would do both jobs and be far more controllable and efficient.

The government wants us all to reduce our “carbon foot-print” so if you buy air conditioning with a heat pump for your home (or a charity), the VAT is only 5% instead of 20%. The difference could make heating and cooling more affordable than cooling only.

We consider Daikin to be the best on the market but we can also price and install the client’s own choice of air conditioning system.

The modern air conditioning units are very powerful yet they are extremely quiet.

Some Daikin air conditioning units have integrated inverter control to ensure maximum energy efficiency by supplying only the required heating or cooling load.

Some models have a movement sensor to detect if anyone is in the room. When the room is empty the unit switches to economy mode. The modern air conditioning units give style, efficiency and energy saving for all types of situations whether it is the home, the work place or your place of recreation.